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Radviliškis Vinca’s Kudirka basic school - RADVILISKIS - LITHUANIA

Radviliškis is located in the northern part of Lithuania. There is an important bound of the railway junction.

A lot of wonderful, creative and active people live here.

Radviliškis Vinca’s Kudirka basic school provides its full-time self-training education of seven programs: preschool, primary, basic, primary- individualized, basic -individualized and informal education. School gives academic achievement certificates based on the order of Lithuanian Republic Minister of Education.

The school provides help of psychologist, speech therapist, special educator, social pedagogue and health care professional. Pupils have an opportunity to use library, reading room, sport’s arena and aerobic-dance hall. In accordance with the procedure laid down pupils are supplied with free meals, well organized pupils’ transportation to school and the extended group activities.

Every year our school performs basic education achievements’ inspection and also since 2015 standardized tests. 

Our school was built in 1968. There are 648 pupils who study in our school and 54 teachers that work there.

The principal of our school is Rasa Dagienė. 

The school is appealing in development of students’ creative skills. All after school activities are organized according to students’ needs and preferences. A lot of programs such as sports, art, ecology and folk are considered as priorities of informal education. 

Every year our school is nominated for the best sports’ achievements in Radviliškis district. Our school folk clubs take part in National Songs Festival, dance contests and other concerts organized in our district. 

In 2016 we started participating in several international projects. EARASMUS+ “Art links borders”, eTwinnig. We also take part in the international project “European cinema club and school licensing”.

In cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture 24 students of primary grades implemented Educational livestock program.